The Tiny Home Phenomenon; Try These Luxury Appliances On For Size

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HGTV devotees are undoubtedly familiar with (and captivated by) the tiny house phenomenon. The channel has recently cashed in on the trend with shows like “Tiny House, Big Living,” “Tiny House Living” and “Tiny House Hunters,” among others, that feature a subset of home buyers that are interested in living a minimalist lifestyle and who aim to consolidate their lives into a “tiny home” 400 sq. ft. or less.


The concept of adapting into this fad style of small living includes the realization that a tiny home is … well … tiny. When potential home buyers physically see what 400 to 1000 sq. ft. represents, the panic and doubt of reality sinks in, and they start to consider the obstacles associated with fitting luxurious, modern amenities into such a small space.


UPR503-10_337_M2_V1This objective might be challenging, but not impossible. Standard-sized major appliances like refrigerators, washers and ovens ranges would not fit in such a restrictive layout, but there are many compact options available that utilize the small space of a tiny house without sacrificing functionality for size.



The Liebherr UPR 503 Under-Counter refrigerator comes in just under 35-in. tall and 21-in. deep. This miniature fridge is perfect to fit under the limited counter space of a tiny home. With a 4.2-cu. ft. capacity inside and small racks to organize fruits, vegetables, cans or jars, there is enough space to store food and beverages to your hearts content. This Liebherr fridge also has an Energy Star rating using less than 300 kWh a year keeping that electric bill just as tiny as the house! Tiny living means small space between rooms, meaning the quieter an appliance, the better. Giving off a mere 39dB, this refrigerator will not compete with the many other appliances and electronics in close proximity. The UPR 503 offers performance, space and efficiency that adapts perfectly in a smaller kitchen.



Oven Range

Installing the SUPERIORE NEXT 24-in. Panorama Stainless Steel Range offers a compact gas stove top and oven in a small space. This 24-in. gas range offers three 18,000 BTU burners and a smaller 6,500 BTU burner, allowing the home cook in a tiny kitchen everything they would have on a standard-sized range. The 13,000 BTU oven gives an even distribution of heat for cooking and baking up to 500 degrees. A tiny kitchen doesn’t mean tiny meals when employing SUPERIORE’s 4.4 cu. ft. oven. The 24-in. SUPERIORE Panorama shows that giving up some size does not mean you need to give up performance to live simplistically.


Steam Oven

If the space is still too small for the 24-in. SUPERIORE Range, then you still have other options. The Sharp SuperSteam+ Oven has many of the same features in the size of a microwave oven. This 1.1 cubic foot oven uses steam, reaching temperatures up to 485 degrees to give food a nice crispy coating on the outside while keeping the inside succulent and tender. Sharp has put three ovens into one SuperSteam unit. Utilize the SuperSteam option, the regular steam (only up to 212 degrees), or the traditional convection oven. An LCD display with touch navigation allows for easy use for all. This lighter weight and discreet oven is able to fit in or under many areas of a tiny home, making it a perfect substitution to having a range.



Steam 30in drawer 2 (small)

A countertop microwave is simply not an option in a smaller kitchen where counter space is sparse. But using an oven every time you are trying to heat some food up is slow and a waste of energy. This is when the Sharp 24-in. microwave drawer is an ideal solution. Offering flexibility and performance, this drawer can be placed in many different spots like under counters or under an oven, giving it an integrated, out-of-sight look in a small space. This 1,000-watt, 1.2-cu. ft. microwave drawer is tall enough to fit a 20-oz. cup of coffee and large enough to hold a 4-qt. casserole dish. Its stainless steel finish allows it to fit in with any kitchen design. The hidden control panel flips out to a 45-degree angle with easy-to-read controls for a flat and hidden design. No space will be unnecessarily wasted; no kitchen capability will be lost.


When deliberating whether or not to transition to tiny living (or even less drastic downsizing), keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice everything for the sake of space. It is easy to bring in high-quality appliances from top brands that will help make a tiny home feel like an upgrade.

The Tiny Home Phenomenon; Try These Luxury Appliances On For Size
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