What’s Hot in Backyard Design

In the recent evolution of outdoor style trends, designers aim to bring the comforts of the indoors to the natural landscape of the outdoors. Creating an open-air sanctuary with the luxuries of modern living is the objective, reintroducing natural elements and materials with pops of contemporary design and color.  In short, simple, functional and low maintenance outdoor luxury is “in;” and homeowners are clamoring to implement these elements:


GRAMERCY4PC-AngleOpulent Oasis

Overflowing gardens and elaborate walkways of gravel or stone minimize the amount of lawn to be maintained and create a lovely backdrop for entertaining or relaxing. Perennials that bloom year after year, in differing cycles, ensure there will always be a range of colors showcased in ones backyard, without constant maintenance. Once the scene is set, the next step is furnishing the space with stylish accents and lavish comfort. Typically featured as indoor furniture, plush seating such as recliners, sectionals, chaise lounges and ottomans are infiltrating the world of outdoor design. Hanover Outdoor Products offers coordinating pieces to accommodate any space and need. With styles that reflect trendy shades of grey, patterned cushions, retro frames, natural materials and transitional collections, there is no shortage of possibilities.


Unseasonable Tranquility

When summer days turn into cool nights, a pleasant climate can still be achieved while simultaneously accenting superior style. The Gramercy 4-piece fire pit seating set by Hanover Outdoor is popular for the chillier months. The 40,000 BTU fire pit with a tile-top table serves as both a focal point and—when not burning the flame—a convenient table, proving to be adaptable in any space, small or large.

GRAM4PCFPNVYTNCulinary Wonderland

Going alfresco takes on new meaning, and the classic BBQ has gotten a serious upgrade. With the Alfresco Open Air Culinary System, you can choose from high-quality cart-style grills with infrared sear burners and rotisserie spits or custom, built-in outdoor kitchens—complete with bar configurations, food prep stations, pantry storage, ventilation hoods and refrigeration. All options are restaurant-inspired and manufactured in the USA with the finest grade materials. The refrigeration products are engineered to maintain constant cold internal temperatures even on the most extreme hot days.


HTK19CSCREDRustic Retreat

If non-gas grilling and smoking is your game, Kamado grilling might be calling your name. HEAT has developed a line of superior Kamado-style ceramic grills in a variety of organic colors. Inspired by ancient clay ovens, this style of grilling is supremely insulated, uses less charcoal and produces less ash than conventional non-gas grills. The method allows the charcoal flame to cook low and slow, producing flavorful, juicy meat.

When pizza is the craving of the night, you can utilize the Kamado pizza stone accessory that will keep the food gourmet and the party blazing outside.



Furnishing your outdoor space with the indulgence of your inside living space is a simple feat. The trick is to choose products that were designed with durability in mind.  Fusing rustic elements with contemporary basics will allow a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor while prioritizing high style and maximum functionality.


What’s Hot in Backyard Design
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