Fourth of July Must Haves

Commemorating Independence Day with a killer outdoor fete, is a now a time-honored tradition, celebrated by homeowners, nationwide. July 4th still remains the most popular day to BBQ; and with more than 75% of U.S. adults owning a grill or a smoker, it’s easy to see how outdoor cooking and entertaining has become the standard. Need to create fireworks at your 4th of July fete? Check out with these great outdoor must-haves:


GrillHeat Kamado

Gas grills are easily the most popular style and choice by BBQ savants and pit masters alike. However, still one of the best choices, in terms of versatility and the flavors that can be produced, would have to go to the Kamado grill. It truly is a grill that can do it all; from slow smoked, to grilled, to roasting, there’s nothing the Kamado can’t do, and the best of the best honors go to the Heat Kamado ceramic grill. Up to 700 degrees of internal heat, that keep burgers and dogs moist and delicious, without turning them into rubber tires, this 19 inch grill comes with 254 square inches of cooking space and racks for multi-level cooking. The Kamado’s space saving and super-efficient design is what makes it the must have tool for grilling at any party.


Outdoor Vent Hood

Nothing can ruin a barbecue faster than too much smoke from the grill. It is amazing how fast people will leave when their eyes are watering while choking on the smoke. The fix? A Heat 36″ Versa Hood. Its three speed internal blowers allow for maximum extraction, clearing the air of smoke, vapor, and grilling by-products. The Versa hood also comes with 50 watt halogen lights, allowing the barbecue to keep going, late into the evening.

Heat Vent



Brew up the good times with cold sodas, drinks and craft beers. U-Line’s outdoor keg refrigerator makes any backyard space C-O-O-L, cool, with its patented convection cooling system the quickly chills items temperatures between 34°F – 45°F. Its 5.6 cu ft can fit up to one 1/4 slim barrel and one 1/6 barrel, or a standard 1/4 barrel. Prefer bottles or cans of soda, no problem; the unit can store up to 111 bottles (12 oz) or 165 cans (12 oz), keeping the party going.





Outdoor Furniture 

Setting the ambiance, outdoor furniture must provide durability, comfort and style. The Hanover Metropolitan Deep Seating Set does just that, with its superior quality and contemporary design, it can turn any outdoor patio into a relaxing oasis for guests to lounge and enjoy.

Outdoor Heater

When the sun sets and the temperatures begin to dip, the Heat Umbrella Patio Heater takes the chill out of the air. Fireworks are best enjoyed under this 7 foot, 41,000 BTU umbrella shaped heater, powerful enough to warm guests within an impressive 16.4 ft. radius. As the night gets colder, this patio heater has a variable control valve that makes changing the temperature quick and simple. Its steel construction makes it sturdy, and durable to withstand all conditions throughout the year.


Fourth of July Must Haves
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