Get the Widescreen View in your Kitchen!

TecOvennogas brings unique Italian style and premium cooking stateside through SUPERIORE, a collection of ranges, hoods and accessories designed exclusively for the North American market, and every little detail makes a big statement!

To name one, the SUPERIORE NEXT ranges come with the option to choose a PANORAMA “widescreen” oven door window, not only providing g
reat aesthetics, but it allows you to check on the whole meal without opening the door and letting precious heat escape. The best part?  This massive door window stays cool to the touch, even when the oven is heated to 500 degrees, thanks to special design innovation that allows the air to flow between the three panes of glass, through the oven and out through the top vent. Curious little hands are safe to touch, plus
cooking heat is directed upwards towards the hood instead of being pushed out into the kitchen.

The internal surface of the Panorama window is fully flush and installed without screws or gaps for an extra sleek look thatJune18_Panorama guarantees fast and easy cleaning. Not to mention, the glass panes are easily removable so wiping away spills and splatters is a snap.
That’s the beauty of SUPERIORE: it’s not just about beauty! Their premium cooking functionality is designed for real life.

Get the Widescreen View in your Kitchen!
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