You can create an Outdoor Kitchen without breaking the bank!

Stunning outdoor kitchens and living areas are all the rage these days. Designer Mary Jo Peterson recently talked about this trend in Kitchen & Bath Business Magazine when she said: “we have a keen interest in bringing the outdoors in and expanding our social spaces to include the outdoors, so [outdoor kitchens are] a natural direction.” Consumers are considering their outdoor living spaces as an extension of their home, and outdoor kitchens reflect that.  From pizza ovens to pergolas, swim-up bars to stainless steel cabinets, outdoor kitchens are becoming bigger and better. Once considered exclusively for luxury homes, this trend is one that can be adapted to any budget.

Although there are more outdoor kitchen items available than you could possibly wrap your head Blaze Lifestylearound, your piece de résistance doesn’t necessarily have to be lavish.  Outdoor living has always been synonymous with barbecues. Often, the grill is the item that is most used in an outdoor kitchen, and therefore should be where the investment is when working on a budget. Grills such as the Blaze 25’’ 3 burner built-in natural gas grill offer professional features at an affordable price. With accessories such as the Blaze Smoker Box,  side burner, dry pantry and outdoor refrigerator, your outdoor living space can quickly feel like a gourmet paradise.

When designing an outdoor kitchen, often costs begin to climb when custom cabinetry is added. Today, many options are available with pre-made islands or bar-style structures that will give you the appearance you desire at an affordable price. Another penny-pinching option is to use salvage materials as part of your outdoor decorating. Adding reclaimed furniture and fixtures can save you approximately 50%-75% less than their modern counterparts, and add a sustainable element to your overall design.

Whatever your outdoor kitchen dreams may look like, there is going to be a way to achieve them while fitting your budget. To make your dreams a reality, focus on must-have items, and find wallet friendly pieces to complement them. Happy outdoor living!

You can create an Outdoor Kitchen without breaking the bank!
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