The Importance of Outdoor Ventilation Hoods

Is your outdoor cooking area properly ventilated?

Many homeowners are transforming their backyard into their own summer getaway space and this is one element that is often overlooked. While you may think that a light breeze and some fresh air are sufficient, this isn’t always true. Ventilation hoods can be just as important outdoors as they are indoors, especially if you are cooking under a covered area.

Just like an indoor hood, outdoor hoods draw in heat, odor, smoke, or grease and direct it away from your cooking area…and your guests. (Because nobody enjoys smelling like their dinner!) Plus, without proper ventilation, your appliances are more likely to become discolored. An outdoor ventilation system with high-performance stainless steel baffle filters, like Zephyr’s Cypress or Willow models, enhance airflow around your cooking area, keeping it smoke and grease free.

Outdoor hoods are designed differently from their indoor counterparts, especially czephyr outdoor hoodconsidering the materials that are required to withstand the elements of the great outdoors. Zephyr’s outdoor models, for example, are built with the option of 304-grade stainless steel, which is recommended to protect against corrosion, and to withstand rain, wind and extreme temperatures.

Now you know! Get the most out of your backyard this summer with appliances that keep your outdoor kitchen smoke- and odor-free!


The Importance of Outdoor Ventilation Hoods
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