Want to keep your food fresher, longer? Check out BioFresh from Liebherr.

You’ve taken the time to comb through the produce section for the freshest fruits and vegetables, eager to enjoy them back at home. But before you know it, after only a few days, your fresh food is better destined for the garbage than on your plate.

What is the easiest fix that can help eliminate the issue of food waste? Liebherr Appliances has that answer.

BioFresh is Lengineering-biofreshiebherr’s response to the problem that seems to plague many of our kitchens: how to keep our produce at its freshest. Liebherr’s BioFresh compartments act as a safeguard for food, allowing you to set an optimal temperature and humidity level that best matches food’s individual needs including fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy. By ensuring the perfect environment is maintained, food retains its healthy vitamins, aromas and appetizing appearance significantly longer than if kept in a conventional refrigerator.

Although we all try our best to regulate the temperature of our food, some things are simply out of our control, like humidity. BioFresh Plus technology manages this by offering separate refrigeration compartments with two
unique settings that adapt the humidity required for optimal food storage according to food type.

For food that requires humidity such as fruit and vegetables, Hydrosafe is a setting that allows you to keep fruit and vegetables without their packaging while ensuring they retain moisture for ample freshness.

On the other eCBNes6256-20-gd_34723-0_W1200nd of the spectrum, the Drysafe setting deals specifically with meat, seafood, and cheese by keeping a lower humidity level. This setting ensures food retains flavor far longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment.

Whatever your needs, the BioFresh Plus system offers the flexibility to adapt the humidity as easily as sliding a control.

This month, enjoy summer’s best seasonal treat: strawberries. Strawberries have very unique storing needs, including specific temperatures and humidity levels. Take advantage of the early summer months by embracing local fresh food. Liebherr’s BioFresh technology will work to ensure you can savor them even longer by maximizing freshness and minimizing waste.

The BioFresh safes are available in select Liebherr refrigerators.

Want to keep your food fresher, longer? Check out BioFresh from Liebherr.
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