Proper Wine Storage 101

So you’ve treated yourself to a nice bottle of wine. Now what? Obviously, proper storage is crucial to ensure it remains preserved and enjoyable. And while wine storage requirements range according to the type of wine, there are what we like to call “Wine Storage 101” basics to get you started.

Consistency is keyfeatures-wine-captain-1
Temperature and humidity must be kept constant. Contrary to popular belief, wine shouldn’t be stored at room temperature but instead at a temperature between 45-50°F for whites and 50-55ºF for reds to prevent disruption of the aging process. A storage unit with an advanced temperature management system, such as U-Line’s Wine Captains, work to maintain a temperature within 1°F of the set point. Stability is key! A temperature fluctuation of more than 2-3 degrees allows air to seep into the bottle because the cork will contract and expand, resulting in flavor damage.

3036WCWC 36” Wine Captain® Model
3036WCWC 36” Wine Captain® Model

Environment is essential
Another factor to control is light exposure. Heat speeds up wine’s aging process and breaks down molecules that enhance flavor. This is why wine comes in dark, glass bottles, to provide protection from heat from sunlight. It’s just like wearing your favorite Ray-bans on a summer day and it’s why each U-Line Wine Captain model is made with unique thermopane glass to protect your wine from harsh UV light.


Vibration: Less is more
Exposing wine to excess vibration speeds up the aging process. By using a rubber-mounted compressor, U-Line’s Wine Captains virtually eliminate vibrations for optimal storage.

Proper wine storage is an exact science to be mastered. U-Line understands the importance of proper wine preservation and has created the Wine Captain models to meet and exceed your wine storage needs. With a sleek design in a wide variety of models, U-Line’s Wine Captains don’t just chill wine, they protect it, promising an enjoyable sipping experience!

Proper Wine Storage 101
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