Kitchen Design Trends for 2018


If you thought 2017 kitchen trends were bold, you ain’t seen nothing yet! With the New Year comes a time for refresh, and 2018 has some cool trends poised to take over the very heart of the home—the kitchen. So buckle up. These styles are sure to be huge; see for yourself…


Seeing in Purple

Recently, Pantone announced Ultra Violet as the color of the year, and, in no time at all, this trend for bold, unexpected colors is on the rise. Dramatic hues that exude luxury, personality and elegance will be the pinnacle of the kitchen, from paint colors on the wall, to customized colored ranges. For example, with Capital, you get performance, quality and the ability to customize without limits, utilizing hundreds of options from the industry leading RAL Color Standard, including new Ultra Violet. With open “restaurant-style” flame and performance burners, and the fact that it’s 38% more energy efficient than comparable brands, this range makes an easy addition to any chef’s kitchen.


Statement Tiles

Backsplashes and flooring tile will get a major overhaul with bold, custom colors and patterns. As we continue trending on customization, you’ll see more and more personalized-design floors and backsplashes.

statement tiles

Hide-Away Appliances

Smart storage is all the rage in 2018, feeding into the minimalist, clutter-free look. Designer cabinetry holds smaller appliances and keeps countertops free and clear. Even tucking away the microwave, like Sharp’s new, innovative “Easy Wave Open” microwave drawer, under a kitchen island, is seen as terrific utilization of space. Sharp’s top-of-the-line Microwave Drawer™ features “Easy Wave Open” for touchless operation. The modern, edge-to-edge, black glass and stainless steel design with bright, LED interior lighting and stylish floor pattern compliments your kitchen and pairs beautifully with other stainless steel appliances


Gold Accents and Mix-and-Match Finishes

Small appliances and large appliances alike are getting the royal treatment—rose gold, brass and copper finishes are officially here. Warm finishes bring a homey luxury and pair well with trending darker cabinet combinations. See, for example, Liebherr’s latest Monolith Inception Kitchen, created by Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, featuring a brass panel refrigerator with intricate leather detail pulls.

monolith brass

Kitchen Design Trends for 2018