3 Must-Have BBQ Accessories

We may be facing the end of August, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of great outdoor cooking days left, and there’s still ample opportunity to get the most out of the season’s trendiest BBQ accessories. Read on for our top 3 recommendations.

Grill Cover

Let’s start with the basics: even though our high-end Stainless Steel grills are engineered to be long-lasting, even in harsh outdoor elements, a grill cover is a necessity in keeping your BBQ looking like new. A durable cover lets moisture out but not in, and allows air to circulate, preventing the accumulation of damaging condensation.

AlfrescoSide Burner

When your BBQ is filled to the brim with ribs and tender steaks and chicken (oh my!), real estate for side dishes may be lacking. Enter: the side burner, a convenient add-on for your outdoor kitchen, providing designated space to sauté mushrooms or a veggie medley. For EVEN MORE cooking space, Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems offers the Dual Side Burner, engineered with commercial stainless steel and featuring two 20,000 BTU burners with electronic ignition.

Grilling Pizza Stone

Who doesn’t love pizza? Who DOES love delivery fees? An at-home authentic pizza experience is a win-win. The Blaze Pizza Stone is made from durable, high-fired refractory stone, which distributes heat evenly and absorbs moisture to ensure a hot, crispy pizza, right atop your BBQ.

You’ve got just enough time left in outdoor cooking season to invest in great accessories to amp up your grilling game! Visit our Alfresco, Artisan and Blaze brand pages for more possibilities.

3 Must-Have BBQ Accessories