Everything you need to know about Capital’s MoistRoast Technology

Every time you pop something into the oven, your appliance’s performance can be the determining factor between delicious or disastrous. Technology like Capital’s MoistRoast system provides peace of mind by offering consistent cooking capabilities, whether it’s a pan full of meat or a homemade pie.

Concept: Exclusively featured in the Maestro Series ovens, MoistRoast technology uses moisture rather than steam to cook. A small water reservoir creates the proper level of humidity using slow evaporation. The water is injected into the oven throughout the cooking process to create a moist cooking environment.

Advantages: MoistRoast technology improves the consistency and flavour of your food. Thanks to the water reservoir all foods will remain moist and juicy, plus, all the flavors will remain in your food and will not get lost in the air.

Bonus: the increased moisture in the oven will decrease the amount of splattering when cooking, keeping it 90% cleaner, so you can focus on wiping down the counters, not the interior of the range.

For more information on Capital’s Maestro series click here.

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Everything you need to know about Capital’s MoistRoast Technology
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