5 Tips for Cleaning and Caring for your Grill

The sun is shining, the wea03ther is warm, and the grills are getting fired up! Grilled meals are a staple of the summer, and we’ve got 5 top tips for cleaning and caring for your BBQ this season to keep it at its best for the rest of the season.

#1 Don’t cheat, preheat

Patience is a virtue. Resist the temptation to rush the cooking process! Take time to let your BBQ preheat for at least 15 minutes before putting food on the grill in order to help burn off dirt or grease and kill any germs.

#2 Don’t over wash

Before you read on, let us emphasize that over-cleaning is not the answer either. By grilling multiple times between washes, you are seasoning your grill, which makes it easier to maintain and control the temperature. A good clean once or twice a year (at the beginning and end of the season) is always a good idea, and if you’re a frequent griller, cleaning every 5-10 uses and ensuring the drip tray is empty is sufficient. BBQs like the Blaze Professional 34” Grill that come with a full-width drip tray and removable baffles allow for quick clean up.

#3 Try vinegar

While BBQ cleaners seem like an obvious option for making the grill shine, they can contain harmful chemicals that can contaminate your food and make you sick, or change the taste/smell of your food. Reach for a household item instead: vinegar. A mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle is an efficient solution for cleaning your grill, without the side effects!

#4 Brush off while warm

As soon as the burgers leave the grill, the next step is to eat, right? Wrong! Take a minute or two to brush off the grill and save yourself from a cleaning struggle in the future. You’ll thank us later!

#5 Don’t forget the basics

Remember that manual you stuffed in your kitchen drawer when you first brought home your BBQ? Dig it up! The care and maintenance section of your owner’s manual will provide detailed instructions on maintenance specific to your grill.
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5 Tips for Cleaning and Caring for your Grill
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