Appliance Shopping 101: Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re looking for that one high-performance appliance or outfitting an entire kitchen, making the right decisions when appliance shopping is crucial. With the long life of appliances today, having an appliance that fits your individual needs will ensure you’re happy with it for years to come. Here are some key things to consider when appliance shopping:

CBS 2062 (3)Price. Finding an appliance that fits your budget is often a no-brainer. However, there are other things to consider when you have a definitive budget, like how often the appliance is going to get used. Although there are countless different kitchen appliances on the market today, spend more of your budget on an item that you will use every day, such as a fridge. Another thing to consider is energy costs. Looking for an appliance with a high energy rating will help save you money long after you purchase the appliance. Fun fact: 100% of Liebherr’s appliances are Energy Star rated. Plus, they come with premium warranties to match the longevity of the refrigerator.

Space considCOB3042erations. If you live in an apartment with a narrow stairwell, getting a 40” range may be a mistake. Instead, consider compact ranges, such as the Capital DECOCooking 30” Connoisseurian Dual Fuel LP Range. If you are renovating, often you have the luxury of adapting the cabinetry around your appliances to make room for, for example, a 48” Tecnogas SUPERIORE DECO range. However with pre-existing cabinetry, you may be limited with space and must find an appliance that fits your specific requirements.

Lifestyle. If you enjoy entertaining, you may enjoy a professional range. The Tecnogas SUPERIORE 48” TriFuel Range will give you the flexibility to cook multiple items at once on the cooktop featuring different heat settings and a massive gas oven to suit your every need. Since kitchens are often considered the heart of Aug21_Trifuel_TMthe home, considering the lifestyle of your family is also important. If a growing family is in your future, opt for larger appliances (such as your fridge) to ensure you have the space to accommodate multiple people.

Features. When searching for a new appliance, special features may be the first things that catch your eye. While incredibly important, prioritizing what matters to you will allow you to focus on what you really need. Making a list of “must have” features will allow you to make an ultimate decision between two different appliances. For example, if your kitchen is outdoors, weather-proof finishes may be important.

Buying an appliance is a big deal, which is why we call it a “major appliance!” Before jumping into a purchase, a certified dealer will be able to help you find an appliance that best suits your needs. To find an Almo Premium Appliance dealer near you, check out

Appliance Shopping 101: Tips and Tricks
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