Capital Open Burner Technology

Bringing restaurant functionality to residential kitchens, Capital Cooking, a manufacturer of professional-grade cooking equipment for the home, offers Open Burner Technology on their Culinarian and Connoisseurian Series cooktops.

What does this mean for the home chef?  It means that you’re one step closer to making better meals with the best equipment!

Open Burner Technology is capable of high, searing heat at up to 25,000 BTUs or gentle simmering at 145 degrees F, always with uniform distribution and consistency. While most gas residential cooking ranges come with sealed burners, open burners provide better efficiency with more direct heat. Heat is distributed evenly via 94 evenly spaced small flames on each part of the burner ports vs. the cool spots that occurs in the middle of a sealed burner ring where there is no heat source.


To best demonstrate this, boil a pot of water on a sealed burner. Notice anything?  The bubbles will start to form mimicking the pattern of the heat source. You’ll notice the bubbles will not appear evenly, but instead in a ring.  Water will not be affected by an uneven boil, but what about that delicate sauce or sauté? Does it matter? We suggest you ask any chef!

Open burner technology offers optimal power and control. Your wok will thank you for it.

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Capital Open Burner Technology
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