Clean Air and a Stylish Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Range Hoods

2023 is in full swing, and there’s no better way to kick off the New Year with much-needed home updates! And along with visual cleanliness and stylish pieces, it’s important to maintain clean air throughout your kitchen. By investing in a range hood or updating your existing one, you can efficiently improve your air quality by minimizing fumes, steam, odors, and more that contribute to poor air quality inside your home (especially if you’re using your range frequently).

As a perfect blend of functionality and style, Zephyr brings a unique collection of range hoods that provide your kitchen with cleaner air and contemporary design. From under-cabinet and wall range hoods to island hoods, we’re here to help you choose the perfect appliance for your kitchen.

Wall Hoods: By mounting onto your kitchen wall, wall hoods blend in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen design. These pieces bring a classic feel to your kitchen by adding a touch of your personal style, without taking too much attention.

Island Hoods: For the lover of all things  sleek and modern, island hoods bring a contemporary quality to your kitchen, acting as the centerpiece of your kitchen island.

Under-Cabinet Hoods: Integrated seamlessly into your kitchen with a professional-looking appearance, under-cabinet hoods fit underneath existing cabinets to maximize your storage and space while providing clean air.

Insert Range Hoods: For the most hidden appearance, insert hoods are installed within your cabinetry.

Let’s take a look at a few of the many offerings from Zephyr, ranging from contemporary finishes to unique metallics (featuring a few of our favorites)!

For the sleek and stainless style: If you’re looking for a piece to fit in seamlessly with your existing stainless appliances, the Vista Collection[MOU3]  from Zephyr is a great match. With a low-profile appearance for a minimalist design, the collection features brilliant LED lighting and Invisible Touch Controls.

               Vista Island:

               Vista Wall:

For the home chef: If you’re a talented cook (or you’re looking to upgrade your appliances), the  Pro Collection is a perfect solution. Featuring an assortment of pro-style range hoods, the collection delivers impressive size, stunning looks, and quiet operation.

Titan Wall:

Tidal I Under-Cabinet:

For the ultra-luxe style: If you’re looking for a high-style addition to your kitchen, you’ll adore the beautiful options Zephyr has to offer. From matte black to satin gold finishes, Zephyr brings an impressive touch to any space.

Apex Wall:

Mesa Wall:

And for the full collection, visit Zephyr’s website for the extensive selection:

This year, it’s important to ensure that you’re enjoying clean air throughout your home. By investing in a range hood, you’ll experience clean, pure air by minimizing smoke, steam, and odor. With Zephyr’s many premium options, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect range hood for your style.

Clean Air and a Stylish Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Range Hoods