Neil Parsons: A Well-Rounded Perspective on the Remodeling Industry

With over 40 years of experience in the remodeling industry, award-winning project design consultant, Neil Parsons, creates a rewarding experience for homeowners, families, and remodelers alike. As the founder of Design Build Planners, Parsons works to create a mutually rewarding and cost-saving remodeling journey for all parties involved.

As a trained and experienced carpenter, mentor to local and national construction companies, public speaker, and licensed real estate agent, Parsons’ credentials are certainly an asset to the industry, with numerous awards including the National Award Winner for Remodeler of the Year and the Professional Remodeler Design Award.

Along with his motivation for achievement, Parsons has experienced overwhelming success as an entrepreneur. Founded by Parsons in 2010, Design Build Planners allows customers to remodel their homes while saving money at the same time. By working directly with homeowners looking to remodel an existing property or plan new construction projects, the company provides families with insight and preparation to help them choose an ideal contractor. With decades of experience in the industry, Design Build Planners’ staff members provide a balanced perspective on the remodeling industry, while maintaining a personal understanding of homeowners’ needs and expectations.

With the increase in families spending more time at home, Parsons finds that the pandemic provides homeowners with the opportunity to evaluate their lifestyle and make updates to their space. “Making more meals at home highlights the importance of the kitchen and family eating together,” Parsons explained. “Combine thoughts like these with the fact that people have been watching more TV, including networks like HGTV, [homeowners] are given more ideas, inspiration, and motivation to improve their home.”

Similarly, the concept of a “staycation” has become more prevalent than ever over the last year. In fact, Parsons finds that these “staycations” have prompted home projects designed for entertainment, like game rooms, finished basements, and outdoor living spaces, explaining that these renovations can “provide a fun ‘escape’ for family members.”

And for those planning to renovate their homes in the future, Parsons recommends that homeowners begin with a professional design, including floor plans and full color renderings. He finds that creating visuals for designs envisioned by several people is the most accurate way to merge styles and preferences without hassle or disagreement.

“Having everyone see [the plan] displayed in a realistic view, illustrating the space, traffic patterns, furniture and TV placement, and colors and finishes allows them to accurately agree, disagree, or compromise on a plan,” he explained. “If two or three people discuss a project, they may all believe they are envisioning the exact same thing, but that is rarely the case.”

As both a project designer and realtor, Parsons greatly values the satisfaction of his clients throughout each project. In fact, he often compares work situations to personal life experiences, specifically those shared with his son, Andrew, explaining that success and achievement among his clients and associates are comparable to the joy of watching his son hit a home run.

“I have personal and family motivations, but my top business motivations are seeing the transformation photos of projects that we design, and hearing people boast excitedly about their newly created or renovated space,” he said. With a well-rounded perspective on the remodeling industry, Parsons connects homeowners with spaces to enjoy for years to come.

Neil Parsons: A Well-Rounded Perspective on the Remodeling Industry