Five Fall Grill Recipes Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining

Autumn is in full swing! As the weather gets colder and the leaves turn orange, you’re likely in search of unique ways to spice up the season. With these five grill recipes, you’ll love making the most of your outdoor space for entertaining and social-distancing this fall. 

1. Chicken Skewers

Looking to spice up your recipe book? With this unique recipe for sambal chicken skewers, your guests will be impressed with your culinary talent. 

Before getting started, it’s important to consider updating your outdoor appliances. In order to obtain the perfect grilled chicken, you’ll need a heavy-duty grill with high quality burners and grates.

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2. Charred Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are a classic addition to any fall meal, so let’s take them up a notch! With this recipe for charred sweet potatoes in honey and olive oil, you’ll love experimenting with a healthy autumn treat in the comfort of your own outdoor space. 

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3. Grilled Flatbread

Do you enjoy getting creative in the kitchen and testing out unique recipes? If so, this recipe for grilled mushroom flatbread is an ideal way to experiment with a variety of fall ingredients. 

When venturing into the world of grilled flatbread, it’s important to ensure that your appliances are up for the challenge. With Vintage grills, you’ll feel confident in achieving a lightly charred flatbread, without burning. Not to mention, our sleek design is ideal for enhancing your outdoor cooking experience.

As you refine your home-chef skills, feel free to play around with a variety of delectable toppings! Once you’ve enjoyed this grilled flatbread, you’ll certainly want to add this autumn treat to your recipe book. 

Looking for more flatbread inspiration? Check out this recipe for additional topping suggestions. 

4. Grilled Curried Pumpkin Burgers

Are you in the mood to experiment with a unique fall meal? If so, you’re in luck! This recipe for grilled curried pumpkin burgers is an excellent choice for home-chefs looking to refine their cooking skills.

For this autumn-themed recipe, you’ll want to feel confident that your grill will deliver flawless results every time you cook. With durable grills and outdoor accessories from Vintage, you’ll love creating delicious recipes with consistent, reliable appliances. 

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For an extra special touch, pair these burgers with a side of charred sweet potatoes for an extra festive fall dinner!

5. Grilled Apple Crisp

Last but not least: the grilled apple crisp. With warm apples and delicious crumble, this festive treat is guaranteed to become a staple of your autumn traditions. Enjoy the mouth-watering recipe here

As you prepare to bake this appetizing dessert, spice up your outdoor kitchen with contemporary appliances from Vintage. With our sleek collection of grills and accessories, you’ll adore entertaining outside this season.

Looking to turn this recipe into a festive experience for your entire family? Hand-picking apples from a local orchard is the perfect opportunity to bring the fall spirit into the comfort of your home. 


We hope you embrace the fall season as you test out these delectable grilled recipes. Happy cooking!

Five Fall Grill Recipes Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining