Four Fall Grill Recipes for a Cozy Night at Home

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your BBQ days have to! Fall is the perfect time to fire up the grill for some cozy, flavorful meals. Whether you’re preparing mouthwatering meats, freshly harvested vegetables, or zesty snacks, grilling will take your flavors up a notch. Seriously, you can make your own restaurant-grade meals at home!

The Essential First Step:

Before you start preparing festive feasts, make sure your grill is up to the challenge. Cooking any dish is automatically easier with a high-quality grill. A high-quality means one that’s powerful, sturdy, and offers “master-chef-level” features. If it’s easy enough, why not strive for perfection?

If your grill game needs an upgrade, you might want to consider a Heat grill. Heat provides products of a top standard with solid construction. Their stainless steel grills

are known for their powerful performance and come equipped with a supportive design and helpful features.

When you’re satisfied with your grill, you can get cooking right away! Let’s see what fun fall recipes are (perhaps soon literally) on the table.

1. Pork Chops with Apple-Bourbon Glaze

Bourbon? Apples? What screams fall more than this deliciously sweet and seasonal recipe?  After you glaze the pork chops, you’ll want to grill them at medium to high heat. It’s also important to cook the meat evenly through.

Heat grills make this easy with a flame tamer system and Push N’ Turn Flame Thrower Control Knobs. The flame tamer system distributes heat evenly while the simple controls allow you to adjust temperatures as needed. Did someone say flawless pork chops?

2. Charred Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Olive Oil

There’s nothing like the taste of sweet potato on a cool fall day. Warm, sweet, and colorful, they’re about as festive a food as it gets! Grilling potatoes gives them a touch of char, adding a crisp quality that matches the season.

Follow this recipe from Bon Appétit to make the ideal September side. You might notice that the potatoes have sear marks across their surfaces. Properly searing your vegetables enhances their “crisp factor.”

The Diamond V Cooking Grid featured on Heat grills is perfect for these sorts of recipes, directing heat to specific zones on the grill surface and helping to form sear marks. Serve up a dish that tastes and looks the part!

3. Rotisserie Chicken on the Grill

Few meals are more classic than a good old rotisserie chicken. Serve with a side of butternut squash or roasted vegetables for a simple but delish fall dish! This recipe outlines how to make rotisserie chicken on the grill, an ideal method for keeping the meat moist.

Traditional grilling techniques can singe too much fat and can make meat less flavorful. However, a rotisserie’s rotating motion bastes the meat instead of burning fat away and retains its juicy flavor.

Heat products cover a range of grilling accessories, including a stainless steel rotisserie with a waterproof motor, rod, and two 4-pronged forks. Sit back with a cup of cider and let your grill do the work. When your chicken is ready, simply remove it from the rod and serve.

When it’s time for Thanksgiving, you can also use a grill rotisserie for your turkey! Find this holiday hack recipe here.

4. Steak. That is All.

Nothing beats a steak dinner on a fall (or really any) day. A perfectly seared filet or strip and some buttery baked potatoes are a surefire route to a happy dinner table. Follow this recipe from the Food Network for succulent steaks done medium-rare, medium, or medium-well.

If you’re looking to make steakhouse-quality meat, an infrared burner makes all the difference. These burners, such as the infrared back-burner in Heat grills, reach higher temperatures, searing meat to perfection and allowing your steak to retain more juices and flavor.

With infrared technology, there’s no need to leave your home for a gourmet meal. You’ve got it covered.


It’s been a strange few months, but you can add a splash spice to your life with these dishes. Get in the fall spirit with these four easy recipes and more! Have fun trying out new festive meals, but most importantly – Stay safe, stay healthy, and happy cooking!­­

Four Fall Grill Recipes for a Cozy Night at Home