Give Your Kitchen and Upgrade and a “Pop”

If you’re in the market for new kitchen appliances, you probably have two main considerations.

Quality and style.

This holds true for all appliances, but for your stovetop and oven, it’s especially important. Your range will likely be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Here, you’ll scramble eggs, heat up the tea kettle, bake cookies, and so much more. You shouldn’t have to compromise appearance or performance!

American Range offers appliances with commercial quality without sacrificing looks. Hurried chefs, bustling cafes, and restaurant rely on American Range appliances– you can be sure they can handle your kitchen duties. Offerings include open burner, sealed burner, and dual fuel, so you can choose a range for your cooking preferences.

The designs are sleek and simple, but here’s the real kicker. American Range products can be powder coated in a color of your choosing. Seriously, choose from any of the hundreds of shades in the RAL Color Chart.

Give your kitchen life with a vibrant splash of red, or add to your retro theme with a light pink or green tone. Here are some ways just one pop of color can change the mood of your kitchen.

Red: Love and Excitement

Red is a warm color, and therefore typically brings warmth into a room. According to homedit, deeper and darker tones of red evoke feelings of love, while splashes of bright reds can feel exciting and lively.

However, red is often best in small doses. Because it’s such a “heavy” color, you might want to stray away from decking out a whole room in red. Color pops are easier on the eyes, and a kitchen range is large enough to do the trick.

When it comes to themes, red is an ideal accent color for rustic or farm-themed kitchens, as its vibrant hues call in tones of the countryside.

Orange: Social and Reassuring

Orange is a nice cross road between red and yellow, combining passionate tones with lighter, sunnier ones. According to Elle Decor, orange is a “social” color, ideal for promoting conversation and evoking feelings of confidence. If your kitchen is a social space (or you want it to be!) a pop of orange would be an excellent addition.

Like red, orange can also be a nice accent color for farm or rustic-themed kitchens. Themes aside, one thing’s for sure—a splash of orange would make your kitchen totally unique.

Yellow: Energy and Cheer

Ah, yellow. Yellow is considered to be one of the cheeriest colors, and according to Very Well Mind, it is even used in advertising to stimulate feelings of happiness. Yellow is also thought to be a “high-energy” color. It’s eye-catching and intense, near possible to ignore. After all, it’s the color of the sun.

As always, there can be too much of a good thing. In large quantities, yellow can be overwhelming, and to some, irritating. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use it in your home decor! A yellow accent can bring the perfect amount of pep into a room. For minimalist kitchens, yellow can add a great bit of zest. The RAL color chart also offers a range of yellow hues, some on the brighter side, and some more neutral or orange.

Green: Nature and Peace

Green is thought to cause feelings of peace and tranquility. According to 2020 Spaces, the color’s soothing effects may be due in part to its “natural” associations. The color is used to create a calming environment, much like a serene forest or mountains.

The kitchen is an ideal place to foster ties to nature. After all, it’s where you’ll keep your herbs, vegetables, and other produce. Green can be a bit of an intimidating color, but there’s no need to paint it all over your walls. A green focal piece, such as a range, can be used with other accent decorations to give your kitchen an earthy feel. Keep it (literally) natural!

Blue: Calm and Cool

Blue is also known to be a calming color. According to freshome, it’s even thought to slow breathing and heart rate. However, a room can come across as cold if it’s covered in blue paint. Opt for blue accessories to bring calm into the kitchen without making it “chilly.”

For instance, see how this blue doesn’t overwhelm the space, but gives it a fun, soothing feel? Choose from multiple blue shades for your range, whether you’re feeling a lighter, more retro tone, or a deeper, more neutral color. Blue is also a great color option for coastal-themed kitchens and pulls an ocean-feel into your space.

Purple: Creativity and Relaxation

If you’re looking to get creative in the kitchen, purple might be the shade for you. According to True Value Paint, purple stimulates the imagination. Like blue, certain shades of purple- particularly lighter tones like lilac- are also said to promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Creative and zen—That sounds pretty good to me. Take a deep breath, chill out, and let’s get crafty… (sounds dangerous, actually)…

HGTV designers speculate that purple pops, rather than completely purple walls, can be enough to make a space feel rich and colorful. Purple is also considered a royal tone. Whether you opt for a deeper purple range, or an airier lilac, it will give your kitchen a luxurious feel.

Pink: Hope and Nurturing

Pink isn’t a common color you’ll find in a kitchen, but, hey, why not? Give your kitchen a distinct flare with a pink accent piece. According to Empowered by Color, pink is representative of hope and nurturing, evoking kindness and optimism. Some studies have even shown that pink can lead to feelings of calm.

Pink also represents innocence and childlike fun. A pop of pink in the kitchen, then, must be harmless!

American Range products also come in more traditional finishes such as white, beige, black, or stainless steel. At the end of the day, it’s most important that you’re satisfied with your appliance.

If you’re looking for superior quality– with some funky, stylish options– American Range could be an excellent option for you. Regardless of what range you choose, you can rest easy knowing it’s reliable, sleek, and ready for work.

Give Your Kitchen and Upgrade and a “Pop”