Serve or Preserve? The best of both with dual-zone wine refrigerators from U-line

Learn how U-line dual-zone wine refrigerators serve and preserve in this blog from U-line corp.

We are serious about wine. For over 50 years, we have been an innovator in wine preservation. The essence of proper storage and preservation is ensuring that the wine that comes out of the bottle is exactly as the winemaker intended. Storing and serving wine at the recommended temperature brings out the complexities of any wine, highlighting its intended flavor profile, character, and bouquet, ensuring the perfect balance of aroma, flavor, structure, and alcohol.

Our Wine Refrigerators not only keep wines at your desired temperature, but also protect the wine from vibration, UV light, and humidity. That’s why we’ve introduced the 5 Class Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator, featuring stainless steel inside and out, convection cooling, and a state-of-the-art variable speed compressor. With a maximum capacity of 42 bottles, 17-point adjustable and removable wine racks, storage options are endless.

Dual, or two temperature zone wine refrigerators allow you maximum flexibility for storing your favorite reds and whites, rosés, and champagnes, or even ciders and craft beers in one place. Configure either zone to serve or preserve, depending on your needs. Are you using your wine refrigerator for storage and preservation, service, or both?

What people often don’t know is that although different wines should be served at different temperatures, most wines should be stored at the same temperature – between 53°F – 55°F. White wines are typically served between 45°F – 52°F depending on the variety, and reds between 58°F – 65°F. These temperatures are great guidelines, but there is always room for personal preference.

This is why a dual-zone wine refrigerator is perfect for wine enthusiasts. Keep your favorite varietals ready to serve, or preserve both in a single zone and have a zone set to your serving temperature. Perfectly personalized.

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Serve or Preserve? The best of both with dual-zone wine refrigerators from U-line