‘Tis The Season For Dads & Grads

It’s that time of year again to celebrate Dads and Grads. Take the guesswork out of gift giving and solidify your spot in their hearts as “the favorite” by springing for one of these unique must-haves that are sure to be a hit.


Sharp Super Steam Oven (Model SSC0586DS)

The Sharp Super Steam oven is our favorite small and practical appliance, perfect for the grad headed off to college or post grad living on their own for the first time. The steam cooking helps promote healthier eating but can also expertly heat and restore freshness to yesterday’s slice of Sicilian, initially consumed during an all nighter.  With cooking modes that include toast, warm, pizza, bake/reheat and broil/grill, this will quickly become the “go-to” for your star pupil’s culinary adventures.


Liebherr XS-200 Humidor

For the Dad who is everyone’s favorite cigar connoisseur, the Liebherr Humidor is sure to excite.  Liebherr is the authority on quality and innovative preservation, and its humidor is no exception. The innovative MagicEye control systems allows precise control to establish the proper balance of temperature and humidity, which is so important to the optimal storage for fine cigars. The unit is equipped with two solid Spanish cedar shelves and removable drawers.  So pour Dad a drink and let him sit back and relax with his cigar – freshly preserved from his new humidor!


Pro Tip: Do not use tap water in your humidor. Tap water has a large amount of germs, bacteria, and other contaminants. These aren’t bad for us when it comes to drinking water but are terrible for your humidor, because of the porous Spanish cedar wood. Distilled water is best!


U-line Outdoor Keg Refrigerator (UOKR124-SS01A)

Craft beer, anyone? Whether your grad/dad is a keg, bottle or can guy, brews up his own blend or prefers domestic, U-Line has him covered with its 24” outdoor keg refrigerator. Truly versatile, this unit comes in single or double tap, and can store one ¼ slim barrel and one 1/6 barrel, or one standard keg with ease. Not a keg person, no problem! It’ll hold up to 111 bottles or 165 cans. This outdoor keg is the perfect finish to any backyard oasis or man cave, and is sure to rank among the greatest gifts ever.

‘Tis The Season For Dads & Grads