Tips for Cooking Like a Pro, in Any Size Kitchen

These days, kitchens are all about one thing… size. It matters; more and more, due to the lifestyle of millennials, downscaling retirees and owners of multi-generational homes, the kitchen has gone from super-sized to super shrunk. But, just because new age kitchens, fixtures and appliances are smaller, doesn’t mean we expect less efficiency, quality or luxury. Consumers expect the “home chef experience” whether in a sprawling galley or teeny-tiny kitchenette.


Here are a few tips for creating chef-inspired dishes in any size space.


Incorporate Small Appliances with Big Impact

24in SUPERIOREIt’s time for you to rethink your home appliances. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function; you can have both. From combo microwave/convection ovens, to 18-inch dishwashers; now more than ever, the options for small seem endless. That goes for ranges and refrigerators too.


Compact ranges like the mighty 24”NEXT by SUPERIORE, which is the first home professional-grade, Italian range, to come to the market, is the ideal choice for culinary aficionados. It has a contemporary design and an unparalleled cooking flexibility, due in part to its four-burner configuration. Equipped with two convention fans and broilers, this little number is big on power.

Liebherr UPR503-SMALL


And, instead of the tradition big box fridge, opt for a slim 24” model, or an undercounter.  Liebherr’s UPR503 is an integrated unit that fits any décor and style. As the leading undercounter pull-out refrigerator, it offers glass shelving and dividable lower compartments to accommodate even the largest grocery store haul. Large bottles and milk jugs are no match for the limitless storage configurations of this unit.


Open Shelving

Open shelving adds more storage to compact spaces. When organizing, make use of wall-mounted magnetic racks for cutlery and stemware; hooks for mugs, a Lazy Susan for spices, and bins for small appliances. You’ll be surprised all that you can fit.


Maximize Counter Space

Counter real estate is at a premium in downsized spaces, so you want to be sure to make best use of prep areas. Consider integrating your microwave, and freeing up much needed counter space. The Sharp Microwave drawer is a necessary staple in today’s kitchenettes. Designed for in-wall placement, under the counter or in a peninsula/island, this convenient little unit performs. With increased functionality, including numerous shortcut options, a beverage center for the perfect cup of Joe and quieter operation, the Microwave Drawer, offers the perfect marriage of innovative design and classic convenience.

 Sharp Drawer black Stainless

Hideaway Pantry

The pull-out pantry is probably one of the most useful tools in any small kitchen. While providing ample shelf space and easy access, it is designed to streamline your kitchen’s overall look and feel.


However you slice it, there are many options for creating a chef’s kitchen, no matter the size. Now, tell us! How do you best cook in small wonder kitchens?



Tips for Cooking Like a Pro, in Any Size Kitchen
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