Get back on Track: Healthy Eating, Post-Holiday Indulgence

We know we’re not the only ones who overdid it during the holidays. C’mon, let’s be honest, between your grandmother’s festive feast, big enough to feed ol’ Saint Nick and his merry reindeer, to the glitz, glamour and grub of an over-the-top New Year’s Eve fete, our waistlines have paid the price, in full, for our indulgences.


But, in true New Year fashion, it’s time to get back on track, starting with the way we eat, cook and store our foods. Here are a few tips:


Start wLiebherrBioFresh1ith Fresh Food

It all begins with fresh food, and that means no more leftovers. Vibrant fruits and leafy veggies are a great start. To keep these items at their optimum, peak freshness, Liebherr refrigerators with BioFresh compartments make it easy to go from farm to table. Providing greater flexibility for storing specific types of food, with temperature control options that maximize flavor and nutrients, you can finally free your fruits and vegetables from plastics and containers.


Innovative technology enables BioFresh to deliver moist air off the wet evaporator, to the crisper bins, keeping produce consistently hydrated. Similar to what you see at high-end grocery stores (think thunderstorm misting), with BioFresh food preservation has reached a new level.


Drink More Water

Drink up! Water is one of the best ways to reengage your metabolism and curb your appetite. Still feeling bloated? Drinking more water has also been shown to flush out excess sodium, which causes bloating, and align your digestive system.


Meal Planning 101: Cook Ahead and FreezeCulinarian_60_DET2_InAction

Meal prepping will become your best friend and strongest ally, in beating the post-holiday bulge. Anticipate busy days and prepare healthy meals in advance. Save time and create delicious meals on the industry’s hottest (literally) ranges from Capital Cooking. Capital’s Culinarian Series has ranges that boast the hottest burners, providing an output of 25,000 BTUs. Boil water, sear lean meat, and create quinoa-rich stir fry’s faster and better, than ever before. With a large oven capacity, you’ll be able to dedicate one day a week to cooking a double batch of healthy meals, like casseroles and roasted veggies, and get especially creative using the convection rotisserie. You’ll be able to stand the heat with Stay-Cool™ knobs and TrueSimmer ™ technology.


Once your gourmet meal is complete, portion it into single serving containers suitable for freezing.  Voilà, healthy eating made easy.

Get back on Track: Healthy Eating, Post-Holiday Indulgence