Choosing the perfect outdoor heater

With the winter months just around the corner, enjoying the cooler temperatures outside can be tricky. Turn up the heat and extend the patio season, for business or home, with an outdoor patio heater. With several design options to choose from, outdoor heaters bring style and comfort back to any patio, all year round.

Our newest outdoor living brand HEAT can help add warmth to any outdoor space with one of their exclusive patio heaters. Available in various shapes and designs, there are options for every aesthetic. With an average of 42,000 BTU or higher, HEAT’s outdoor heaters can guarantee a cozy, comfortable entertaining space, season to season. Here are three great choices to consider:


Pyramid Patio Heater (HTR-TWR101-BLK)


This outdoor heater is 7 ft. tall with a 16.4 ft. heat radius, with 42,000 BTUs of heat. Powered by propane, this model also features a sleek black body that’s sure to complement any décor. It has adjustable low-to-high heat control and all-steel construction, making it an easy, durable choice for cooler nights.



Square Patio Heater (HTR-TWR110-LEDSS)


Adding a pop of color to any patio is easy with this multi-colored LED-lit patio heater. The 7 ft. tall stainless steel frame is sturdy and features a quick batter ignition start with adjustable heat control. This propane-powered unit emits 42,000 BTUs of heat in a 16.4 ft. radius, bringing comfort to any corner of the patio.



Round Wicker Patio Heater (HTR-UW013-BRN)


Sharing the heat is easy under this 41,000 BTU heater with comfort control adjustable heat settings. The 7 ft. round, wicker design pairs perfectly with existing wicker furniture. The 16.4 ft. heat radius pushes warmth downward from under the umbrella top, making this heater a great choice for the center of any entertaining space.



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Choosing the perfect outdoor heater
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