How to properly store apples


One of the best things about fall is the incredible variety of fruits and vegetables ready for harvest. From Granny Smith to Empire, and all varieties in-between, apples can be found just about anywhere during the fall. But has anyone ever shared how apples should be properly stored to maintain their freshness?

The most common misconception about storing apples is letting them sit out on the kitchen counter. Apples should always be kept in a cool, dark place, such as a refrigerator drawer. The best temperature to store most varieties is just above 0°C, and Liebherr makes this easy with their refrigerator line using BioFresh technology.


BioFresh technology allows you to store food in specialized compartments that offer individual temperature environments: DrySafe or HyroSafe. DrySafe decreases the humidity level, creating a dry environment for products like fish, meat and cheese. HydroSafe increases the humidity level, ensuring fruits, vegetables and salads stay crisp and fresh without freezing. This is where you should be storing apples, using BioFresh technology to its full advantage for optimum freshness and maintaining flavor and nutrients.


Here are some other tips for storing your apples this fall:

  • Store only fresh apples. Any that are overripe will affect the remaining bunch.
  • Don’t store your apples next to potatoes or onions. The gas they produce will cause the apples to rot faster.
  • Wash your apples after purchase and ensure they are fully dry before storing them away.
  • Store sliced apples away from whole ones. To keep sliced apples from going brown, coat them with some lemon juice.

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How to properly store apples
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