Color Inspiration: Tecnogas SUPERIORE DECO Collection

Autumn has arrived and with it comes the gorgeous colors of the season on the trees around us. The palette reminds us of Tecnogas SUPERIORE’s vibrant DECO Collection and got us wondering: who determined the color choice? And which is the fan favorite?

Oct-4We caught up with Gian Luca Geneletti of Gualtieri, Italy, the Marketing Manager at Tecnogas SUPERIORE and got his insight on the subject.

The DECO Collection comes in Matte Red, Brown, Black and Cream. How did SUPERIORE decide on these colors specifically?

Luca: Well Black is such a traditional color, we had to start there. Cream is the most popular choice of colored ranges in Italy and we wanted to keep our style true to our roots.

Brown and Red were influenced by brands and stylish moments in time that, for us, symbolized luxury. The Brown tone was selected based on a combination of our research into the latest interior design trends in North America and its resemblance to a certain famous hand bag brand made in France.

Red, when paired with classic chrome trim, effectively reimagined the ’50s and the iconic Cadillac dashboard of that era.

Since entering the North American market, which, in your opinion, has been the most popular color choice and why do you think this is?

Luca: Black has been very well received; its texture and richness deliver a unique design experience. Its pairing with the Bronze trim offers a traditional kitchen design that is popular coast to coast.

Which is YOUR favorite color and trim combination?

Luca: It is hard to choose, but my favorite is our Brown range in dual color, with our Cream control panel and Jewelry Gold trim. Pair that with our barrel hood in matching trim and it just creates this truly unique style in the kitchen.

Any secrets behind the design you can share?

Luca: To achieve the perfect Brown tone, one of our colleagues brought her purse so we could color match! Now that’s authentic!

Color Inspiration: Tecnogas SUPERIORE DECO Collection
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