Architectural Digest Show 2016

The Almo Premium booth was THE place to be at this year’s Architectural Digest Design Show. Booth 271 was always packed with interested attendees – designers and consumers – looking to get a glimpse into the future of premium appliances trends. And, our brands delivered!

Tecnogas SUPERIORE made its North American trade show debut in the booth. Features such as the PANORAMA window option in the NEXT line , and the art-inspired design details in the DECO line attracted many admirers.  Showing how the windows easily popped out of the door for easy cleaning was a frequent demonstration in the booth! The NEXT 48” TriFuel range was positioned at the front of the booth, showing the incredibly functional cook top with three heat sources – induction, electric and gas!


@Faber Rangehoods introduced their Pareo periscoping hood and to say it attracted attention is an understatement! This innovative new design, which allows the hood to extend and retract from the ceiling closer to the range became the lead “cool” product from the show in @Products Magazine, who featured it as the cover of their recent article: 12 Cool Products We Saw at the AD Design Show.


Handle-free appliances were a top luxury appliance trend seen at the @Architectural Digest Design Show. @Liebherr Appliances demonstrated this trend well in the HWg 1803 wine storage cabinet, with touch-open tip-out design and an 18 bottle capacity at optimal temperature.


@Sharp Home debuted their new SuperSteam+ Combination Steam and Convection Oven at the show. Combination steam ovens are hugely popular with health-conscious consumers, and Sharp’s newest innovation takes steam cooking to the next level, grilling, roasting and sautéing to perfection. As an added bonus, we were even able to sample some delicious dishes cooked in the unit!


Thanks for having us Arch Digest! See you again next year!

Architectural Digest Show 2016
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