How To Choose The Right Hood For Your Small Kitchen

Choosing proper ventilation is often one of the last steps or even an afterthought in kitchen design. But, don’t ignore its importance for a number of reasons, including the health of you and your family! This goes for kitchens of any size, even those that seem too small to have room for a hood. Read on for tips on choosing the right vent hood for an undersized kitchen.

CFM Requirements

CFM (cubic feet per minute) depends on the type and size of your range top. Assuming you have a small range to suit your smaller kitchen, you can look for a hood with a lower CFM. According to this article on Houzz, the requirement for an electric stove is 300 to 450 CFMs, whereas a gas range will need about 600 to 1,200.

Wall Hoods

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 1.40.43 PMWhen wall space is at a premium, such as the case with smaller kitchens, a wall hood may not be the right choice. But don’t rule it out! Technology is changing the way we design our kitchen space and Faber’s Mirror Wall Range Hood is a great example. It sits flush until required, then opens with the touch of a button. Plus its whisper quiet operation and sleek design actually adds to the room’s aesthetic instead of dominating it.

Integrated and Built Ins

Cristal 24_FaberIntegrated hoods are a great option for when you just can’t give up any more wall real estate. Faber’s Cristal 24 SS hood has a sleek Stainless Steel pull-out visor which slides in, flush with your cabinets, neatly tucking the hood away. For total integration, the front strip can be replaced with material to match your cabinets, hiding the hood completely. Alternatively, built-in hoods come with mounting systems for under-cabinet ventilation. See Faber’s Inca Collection for integrated options.

Don’t feel limited by the size of your room – technology and design options are ever-evolving, allowing your kitchen to have the appliances that you require in a look you desire! Check out for more range hood inspiration.

How To Choose The Right Hood For Your Small Kitchen
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